Table of Contents

Children Growing up in Skye

Isle of Skye
Growing up in Skye
The Crossing
Morag as a young adult
Morag and her friends
Chrissie as a young adult
Marjorie as a young adult
Donald as a young adult
The Family in the 30s
Cousins--part 1
Cousins--part 2
Sonia and Doug's big wedding picture
Our Thoughts
Orange Cake

fam1.jpg (162709 bytes)

Baby is Morag with Mother, seated is great grandparents


moragwmom.jpg (70754 bytes)

Auntie Morag, age 3 months and Grandmother, Sheepie Park, Glasgow


morag1yr.jpg (160871 bytes)

Auntie Morag,about 1 year old


morag212.jpg (293718 bytes)

Auntie Morag, age 2 1/2


ewenbaby.jpg (91538 bytes)

Ewen MacKinnon MacInnes, born 1919, age 1 1/2. Uncle Ewen died of pneumonia in February 1924.


donaldbaby.jpg (79078 bytes)

Donald MacInnes about 2 1/2, born 1915


cousins.jpg (57439 bytes)

This picture is entitled "Cousins, Summer 1927" shortly before the family emigrated to the U.S. (41238 bytes)

Donald, 1922 (55335 bytes)

Chrissie and Ewen, 1923 (99329 bytes)

left to right

?,?, Christina

Ewen, Donald (525878 bytes)

left to right, Morag, Chrissie, Marjorie, Donald (270071 bytes)

Grandfather, Donald, Morag, Marjorie, Christina, Ewen, Grandmother, 1922 (80732 bytes)

Grandmother and Donald (234717 bytes)

Broadford School, 1925

Morag, upper left? (60750 bytes)

Any ideas who is in this picture? (164738 bytes)

Grandmother, upper right, Angus MacInnes, seated.  Any ideas who else? (114024 bytes)

Marjorie, Morag, Katie Fletcher (Grandfather's sister Isobel's daughter), Christina, Donald, Ewen (270067 bytes)

House at 12 Upper Breakish, home of Bella (Grandfather's sister) and Malcolm Fletcher and their children:Donald, Christina, Neil, Donald John, Jimmie, Katie, Johnny and Tina (251357 bytes)

Mary and Isobelle MacKinnon, twin daughers of Grandfather's sister, Flora and her husband Donald MacInnon