Table of Contents

The MacInnes Family in the late 20's and 30's

Isle of Skye
Growing up in Skye
The Crossing
Morag as a young adult
Morag and her friends
Chrissie as a young adult
Marjorie as a young adult
Donald as a young adult
The Family in the 30s
Cousins--Part 1
Cousins--part 2
Sonia and Doug's big wedding picture
Our Thoughts
Orange Cake (147324 bytes)

Empire State Bldg, New york, Picture take on 102nd storey, October 5, 1935 (95163 bytes)

?, Grandmother, Grandfather (61890 bytes)

Grandmother, Grandfather--Summer, 1931 (134257 bytes)

Grandmother, Grandfather (273479 bytes)

top to bottom--?,?,Florence Mittenhuber, Chrissie (68519 bytes)

Grandmother and Morag (618551 bytes)

Grandmother, Grandfather seated--

Chrissie, Marjorie, Donald, Morag

in occasion of parents' xth anniversary (82584 bytes)

Grandmother and Morag (62840 bytes)Grandfather, Morag and ? (155129 bytes)

Morag, Grandmother, Grandfather and ? (79694 bytes)

"Enjoying a fruit lunch at Indian Point N.Y. June 1928"

Marjorie?, Morag, Grandmother (84100 bytes)

Grandmother, Grandfather and Donald (74324 bytes)

Morag, Donald and ? (76372 bytes)

Paps and Heatherbell, Glen Cove, 1938 (91705 bytes)

Grandmother (54128 bytes)

Grandmother, Grandfather (65737 bytes)

Louis?, Chrissie?, Fred? (67670 bytes)

?,?,Grandmother (96287 bytes)

Grandfather, Marjorie, Grandmother,?

bending is Morag? (61299 bytes)



Morag and Grandmother, Millbrook, 1930 (96041 bytes)



Grandmother, ?, Morag

Pilgrim Avenue, June, 1933 (81396 bytes)

Morag andGrandmother (90983 bytes)



"Watch the Dickie!!!Mr and Mrs. MacInnes and 2 daughters.  On the left you can see the 1/2 girl, and on the right the half boy(so why go to the circus to see the half man and half woman)" (68103 bytes)



Donald and Marjorie, June, 1940 (68209 bytes)

Grandfather (24904 bytes)

Grandmother (56700 bytes)

Grandmother, Grandfather (71297 bytes)

Anne and Chrissie (67608 bytes)

"Hot Mama"

Grandmother and Grandfather

fam30s6.jpg (95461 bytes)
fam30sv.jpg (79969 bytes) moragandgranma1936.jpg (92657 bytes) moragmarjgran1931.jpg (110910 bytes)