Table of Contents

Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents - Part 1

Isle of Skye
Growing up in Skye
The Crossing
Morag as a young adult
Morag and her friends
Chrissie as a young adult
Marjorie as a young adult
Donald as a young adult
The Family in the 30s
Cousins-Part 1
Cousins--part 2
Sonia and Doug's big wedding picture
Our Thoughts
Orange Cake (95661 bytes)

No date, Donald, Alfred, Chris, Grandmother, Morag, Fred (70665 bytes)

no date, top row, Grandmother and Fred, botttom row, Grandfather and Morag others??? (123511 bytes)

Fred, Grandmother, Chris, Katharine, Grandfather (95259 bytes)

Grandfather and Katharine (112921 bytes)

Morag, Fred, Grandfather, Grandmother, Katharine (104922 bytes)

Grandmother, Katharine (131850 bytes)

Grandmother, Grandfather, Katharine (103330 bytes)

Morag, Grandfather, Grandmother, Marjorie, Katharine (102863 bytes)Morag, Katharine (74656 bytes)

Grandfather, Donald, Katharine (72256 bytes)

Grandfather and ?? (133582 bytes)

Grandmother and wee Dougie (88153 bytes)

Fred, Katharine, Morag, Grandfather, wee Dougie, Chris, Marjorie, Grandmother, Heatherbell (134542 bytes)

Katharine and wee Dougie (152446 bytes)

top row-Chris, Louis, Marjorie, Betsy, Alfred, Kathy, Fred, Katharine

bottom row--Morag, Anne, Grandmother, Grandfather, Doug (98622 bytes)

Chris, Katharine, Grandmother, Doug, Anne (113779 bytes)

"June Decoration Day, 1943"

Morag, Louis, Grandmother, Grandfather (115392 bytes)

"Sept 23rd, 1944"

Marjorie, Betsy, Chris, Kathy (113054 bytes)

"Isn't this funny? Sept 23rd, 1944"

Marjorie, Betsy, Chris, Kathy (361629 bytes)

"Oct 4, 1947"

Grandfather, Grandmother, Alfred (136482 bytes)

Grandfather, Chris, Grandmother, Kathy, Doug (115637 bytes)

"Easter Sunday, 1947"

Grandmother, Morag, Doug, Grandfather, Kathy (118186 bytes)

"Easter Sunday, 1947"

Grandmother, Doug, Grandfather, Kathy (82299 bytes)


Acworth, NH, 1948

Kathy and Betsy