Table of Contents

Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents - Part 2

Isle of Skye
Growing up in Skye
The Crossing
Morag as a young adult
Morag and her friends
Chrissie as a young adult
Marjorie as a young adult
Donald as a young adult
The Family in the 30s
Cousins-Part 1
Cousins--part 2
Our Thoughts
Orange Cake (61107 bytes)

Kathy and Betsy in Acworth, NH, 1948 (163870 bytes)

"Checking the take, Christmas, 1948"

Morag,Grandmother and Anne (93954 bytes)

Marjorie, Grandmother, Grandfather,Al, Katharine, Fred, Anne, ?,?, Chris, Doug, date?, place? (183363 bytes)

"The folks' wedding anniversay, July 21, 1950, married 1908, Broadford, Skye"

Chris, Donald, Anne, Fred, Katharine, Al, Morag, Grandfather,  Grandmother, Kathy, Mac, Marjorie, Kathy, Doug (184111 bytes)

Joan Powell, Mr. Powell, Anne, Jamie, Mrs. Powell, Donna, Harry Powell, 1952 (149599 bytes)

Grandfather, Jamie, 1952 (201757 bytes)

Grandfather, Grandmother, Jamie, Donna, 1952, Scarsdale, NY (79603 bytes)

Florence Mittenhuber, Marjorie, Chris, Acworth, NH, 1952 (64736 bytes)

Grandfather, Doug, 1952? (168040 bytes)

Donald, Fred, Al, Grandfather, Scarsdale, NY (96306 bytes)

Al, Grandmother on the stern of the boat "The Isle of Skye" (28298 bytes)

Grandmother,Grandfather, Jamie, 1954? (107370 bytes)

Grandmother,   Doug, Kathy, Grandfather, 1955 (89015 bytes)

Aunt Jessie, Betsy, Mac, Kathy, Grandmother, summer, 1957 (82524 bytes)

Bob Weary, Marjorie, Al, summer, 1957 (80505 bytes)

Grandfather, Katharine, Betsy, Kathy, Marjorie, Grandmother, Mac, summer, 1957 (98523 bytes)

Marjorie, Doug, Chris, summer, 1957 (26102 bytes)

Grandfather, Helen Allan, Chris, Morag, Short Hills, May 1958 (63977 bytes)

Anne and Grandfather, 1959 (30429 bytes)

Chris, Al, Bert Paiwonsky, Morag, Feb. 1986

St. Croix (51437 bytes)

"St. Croix Yacht Club, Feb. 1986"

Fred, ?, Mac McDonnell, Morag, ?, Flip McDonnell, Al, Chris (37765 bytes)

Fred, Al, Marjorie

Place, event, date?