Table of Contents


Isle of Skye
Growing up in Skye
The Crossing
Morag as a young adult
Morag and her friends
Chrissie as a young adult
Marjorie as a young adult
Donald as a young adult
The Family in the 30s
Cousins--Part 1
Cousins--part 2
Sonia and Doug's big wedding picture
Our Thoughts
Orange Cake (170046 bytes)

Grandfather's Mother Christina Beaton born in 1845 in Bunnessan, Mull

Her parents were Neil Beaton(born 1801 in Bunnessan, Mull), a farmer and Isabella McGilvray Beaton.

Neil Beaton's parents were Roderick Beaton, born 1761 and Rachel McIntyr

Christina left at age 17 to go into service in Glasgow.

She married Donald MacInnes, a Clyde Trustees labourer, March 14, 1867 in Glasgow, Scotland (37352 bytes)



The house Grandfather was born in 1876, 9 Lower Breakish (234695 bytes)



Susquehanna Ave., Philadelphia, 1908, New Year's Day (205963 bytes)

Probably Philadelphia, 1908 (132146 bytes)

The Championship Football team, 1913- 1914, Renfrew, Grandfather, 2nd from left on the top? (64312 bytes)



The Scottish Clans arrival at the Kyle of Lockalsh, 1927, Grandfather, middle front (290694 bytes)

seated in top (166287 bytes)
late 20's (507715 bytes)


about 40 years old

seated far right

no date (95332 bytes) (47075 bytes)
grandfather6.jpg (86171 bytes)June 1943 (46218 bytes)

passport photo, 1948 (107411 bytes)

September, 1948

12 Upper Breakish

Grandfather and Sister Bella who died October 15, 1950 (611761 bytes) (87637 bytes) (68209 bytes)



Paps and Heatherbell, Glen Cove, 1938 (79472 bytes) (60726 bytes) (66171 bytes)



July, 1958, In the stern of the boat "Isle of Skye II".  A lovely day but poor fishing. (110384 bytes)